Drain Cleaning

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Drain Cleaning

There’s no escaping it. Drains get mucky and clogged over time. Cooking oil, food particles, hair and other debris can accumulate very quickly if you’re not too careful. This can lead to serious plumbing damage if you pay close enough attention.

Leaks and burst pipes caused by dirty drains may end up costing you lots of money down the line. Here at WyattWorks Plumbing we’re are able to provide homeowners in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio with quick and affordable drain cleaning service.

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Common Symptoms of a Clogged Drain

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell when your drains are clogged and require attention. Some of the more common signs that indicate you need to contact a drain cleaning company include:

Water backs up into your sink or bathtub

Leaking, flooding and burst pipes

Drains contain standing water

Problems flushing your toilet

Foul stench coming from the drains

If you notice any of the above symptoms occur within the drains in your home, or if you think your drains are due for some maintenance, it’s probably a good time to call a drain cleaning contractor.

Clogged Drain Prevention Tips

Taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid the need for a drain cleaning service to keep the water in your home flowing smoothly. Make note of these useful tips:

  • Make use of screens or catchers over your drains to trap food and hair
  • Try not to pour any cooking oil or grease into your drains
  • Pour hot water down your drains on a regular basis to wash away debris
  • Schedule regular drain cleanings to ensure drains remain clean

Everybody in your home can do their part to avoid clogged drains. Don’t waste money with frequent service calls to a clogged drain company.

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