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If you have ever been faced with an overflowing toilet, clogged kitchen sink, or water leak problems, you know frustrating it can be finding a plumber you can trust – someone who won’t overcharge, someone who actually solves your problem!

At WyattWorks Plumbing we are committed to providing top notch services to our customers throughout Mentor, OH. Our team prioritizes your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. If you’re not 100% happy with the service, we haven’t done our job!

As our customer you enjoy:

  • Professional diagnosis
  • No-surprise pricing
  • Accurate solutions
  • Experienced workmanship
  • Personal attention

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Reliable Drain Cleaning Services

Are you struggling with a recurring clog? If the problem persists, it’s time for a professional plumber to inspect the issue. At WyattWorks Plumbing we provide a three-part process to clear out your drain lines and get them flowing like new again.

  • Video pipe inspection is an accurate way to identify and locate problems in your drain and sewer line. We will know where leaks, cracks, and other damage are located and will be able to give you better options.
  • Drain snaking is performed to punch through blockages, clearing a way for water to flow normally again. But this is often not enough in cases of severe buildup.
  • Hydrojet cleaning is the last and most effective step in the drain cleaning process. This technique blasts high pressure water into your pipes, scouring the walls clean, and flushing grease, sludge, corrosion, and other buildup from your line.

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Not getting the hot water you need? Think it’s time to replace your water heater? Get a professional’s opinion first. WyattWorks Plumbing will inspect your water heater and help you determine if repair or replacement is the most cost effective option. We arrive in fully stocked service vehicles, so repairs can be performed on the spot and save you from wasting your time further.

If water heater replacement is recommended, we can help you choose your new unit. We will review your hot water demands and the proper unit size based on your needs, source the brand and model that you have chosen, and accurately install it for you.

Sewer Line Solutions

Were you told that your sewer line needs repair? Don’t start panicking! WyattWorks Plumbing provides a less invasive solution that won’t tear up your landscaping or driveway. With trenchless sewer line repair, we only need to dig two small access points to insert the new pipe material through. The process takes as little as 2-3 days (compared to 2+ weeks using excavation methods). Give us a call to learn more about trenchless sewer pipe repair and find out if it’s the right solution for you.

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Why Wyatt?

Why Wyatt?

Exceptional Service and Unbeatable Reliability

We cut our teeth on the older homes of the greater Cleveland market. With Wyatt you get an award-winning company with 35+ years in the business and extensive technical training. There’s not a plumbing problem we haven’t seen!

Continuous Access

Our 24/7 call center, cutting edge field service technology, and local reach keep you connected when you need us most. Our dedicated receptionists handle the scheduling so we can focus on what matters most – solving your plumbing problem.


Our “Warehouse on Wheels? brings custom and complete inventory to every home to ensure that each job is finished promptly and within one visit. That means less time spent waiting around for you!

Get your plumbing problem solved fast and done right with help from WyattWorks Plumbing! Call us today at 216-302-3400 to schedule same-day service.