"Consider it done"

What Customers Are Saying About Us…

“So…Had a hot water heater issue. After a few visits we figured it all out. It took two visits due to Jamal trying to save me money as well as my older house had some very confusing pipes (hence why I called instead of YouTube university) causing the issues to be multiple things and hard to pinpoint.

The negatives a bit pricey and hard to schedule. My reasoning your paying a little extra because you get extra. The service was perfect, Jamal wasn’t rude about me hovering to learn or was he aggravated by my suggestions. He was upbeat knowledgeable and patient, because I’ll admit I’m very inquisitive when it’s something I don’t know. So price is offset by service. I can’t blame scheduling on them either I called the day before Christmas so that’s my fault as well. I only mentioned it because some places who don’t care about there employees as much would rush some one over. So it’s kind of a plus in my eyes.

Positives. Everything… if you’re in the Cleveland area and don’t mind a little extra for a ton more service you MUST CALL these guys first. I’m not a major 5 star guy I cap at 4 unless your exceptional, and these guys are.”

Matthew P.

A few months ago I found Wyatt Works on Home Advisor. Billy came out to fix a leak in the bathroom. He was excellent. At that time I had a whole house evaluation done as well since I wanted to know what I was getting into buying this house. He seemed like he truly wanted to help me find my best options with the work I plan to have done in the near future. My sump pump quit a couple days ago and Jamal came out to fix it today. Another great employee, very quick and made sure everything was working great and I understood how the new one worked. I also love the emails that include who’s coming. I will be using them again.

Lauren P.

Excellent job. We had had a garbage disposal that was shooting up water from our sink every time we used it. Also our upstairs bathroom had extremely low water pressure, and no matter what we tried we couldn’t seem to fix it even after several YouTube videos and trips to Home Depot.

I called Wyatt Works and the lady who answered the phone was very helpful and friendly, asking specific questions, and she was patient with me as I didn’t really know much about plumbing.

It only took us about a day and a half before they were able to squeeze us in which was entirely reasonable. The service tech came over, did a thorough diagnosis, explained to us what the issue was, and gave us several options.

They repaired everything magnificently! Our upstairs bathroom sink and flows well now with excellent water pressure.
Our kitchen sink had to be completely redone, for the original plumbing was poorly installed. Wyatt Works did all the work quickly and efficiently.

I highly recommend Wyatt Works. My only complaint is that we paid almost $700 for maybe three hours of work. I don’t see why a plumber should be paid over $200 an hour. I do think that’s excessive, so know they are very expensive.
However, this was a significant issue in our home, as far as we are concerned. So if both sinks are good to go from here on, then I consider the job worth it, I guess. Regardless, I would definitely Wyatt Works again if had a plumbing issue. Excellent job!!!

Peter S.

We had a service done some weeks ago; something subsequently happened as a result of the service, and it necessitated having a crew come back and rectify the issue. I will not elaborate on the problem, it happened. Circumstances conspired and we had an issue. It’s not important. It’s not important because they dispatched a crew immediately and spent three hours fixing it. It’s not important because they backed up their work, it’s not important because they followed up and made what could have been a substantial issue a small inconvenience, they made it right and stood by their work. Their reputation matters to them and I could not be more pleased with how it turned out. I would have them back, without reservation based solely on their response and follow-up. The same things can’t be said about some others out there…this company cares! They made it right, they followed up. What more can you ask for?

Patrick G.